Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane
Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane

Henvisning av hest med leddinfeksjon

Referring a Septic Joint

Horses with synovial sepsis represent a significant portion of our referred orthopaedic caseload. Where there is a wound or other traumatic injury adjacent to joints or other synovial structures, it is safer and much better for the horse’s future, to assume that the synovial cavity is involved and to treat the case appropriately from the start, rather than to discover synovial sepsis after a period of time has been allowed to elapse. It is well recognised that the prognosis for recovery is dramatically reduced when synovial sepsis is allowed to become established.

Further information about what to do in suspected cases of synovial sepsis may be downloaded:

Client Information for Referring a Septic Joint