Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane
Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane



Tildren® (tiludronate) has been used for a number of years by veterinarians in Europe to treat joint conditions such as navicular disease and bone spavin. It works by regulating bone remodelling in cases where there is too much bone resorption and now has a licence for use in the UK.

In adult horses, normal skeletal bone tissue is undergoing a process of continuous turnover. Bone remodelling allows the skeleton to adapt constantly to the mechanical stresses to which it is subjected, changing according to the horse’s workload and the type of activity. This turnover also occurs in regions of bones that are damaged, often at an accelerated rate, which can lead to lameness.

Tiludronate is used in human metabolic bone disease and there is some evidence to suggest that it may be beneficial in certain conditions that affect the horse. If deemed appropriate, treatment usually takes place with the horse confined to one of our hospital stables and monitored carefully, as there can be occasional side effects such as transient colic. The drug is given in a dilute form by intravenous infusion over one hour.

For further information, visit www.tildren.com.