Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane
Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane



We have a ceiling mounted X-ray unit that allows high detail radiographic examinations of all sites of the body. This includes the head, neck and thoracic back. Digital radiography (Agfa) was introduced in 2000, which provides high resolution radiographic images at lower exposure doses than conventional technology.

We have a specialised three-person radiography team that concentrates on taking radiographs, allowing good images to be obtained as efficiently as possible. Using advanced technology, radiographs can be captured on image plates which are read by special equipment and transmitted to computers where they can be viewed immediately on high resolution screens. All images are available almost instantly and are stored electronically. The quality and detail of digital radiographic imaging is exceptional and images can be magnified or rotated, or further manipulated for brightness, contrast and clarity, enabling earlier and more accurate diagnoses to be made.

These techniques are particularly helpful to image deep areas such as spinal columns and shoulders, as well as allowing better monitoring of healing processes.

Our ambulatory team has access to the latest mobile digital radiographic equipment (pictured left). Mobile digital imaging may be used in many situations: some injuries may need to be assessed ‘in the field’ if it is considered unsafe to travel a horse to a diagnostic facility; it is often simply more convenient to conduct examinations at home. However, certain types of examination (particularly those involving the upper limb, head, neck or back) still require the use of the higher powered ceiling-mounted unit at our Diagnostic Centre.