Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane
Hesteklinikken og hestetannklinikken på Forus travbane

Endoskopi av luftveier

Upper Respiratory Investigations

We have particular expertise in this area, involving laryngeal, pharyngeal, palate, sinus, dental and ear problems. Our surgeons perform a range of corrective procedures, including the application of both the diode and Nd:YAG laser for some cases.

A range of minimally invasive techniques has been developed to deal with a variety of airway problems in standing patients, including release of epiglottal entrapment with a hook knife, injection of formalin into ethmoidal haematomas and the ablation of various soft tissue lesions by laser surgery.

Where there is an indication for more sophisticated diagnostic procedures, our new CT imaging suite will offer the most technologically advanced equipment available for investigating head and neck abnormalities, including neurological disorders.

Our clinicians also have access to a high speed treadmill facility for the endoscopic examination of horses. This allows the identification of causes of dynamic airway obstruction, which in most cases can be treated at our hospital.